is a line-of-sight from a specific location to a landscape or portion of it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

5x7 Studies for a Commission

I have been commissioned to paint this wonderful view. This is a dream come true commission for of my favorite things to paint! Usually for a commission I will do a few small studies to give the client a choice and allow us to work out the details before I start on the final painting. In this case I had quite a few photos of this scene to work from so I did three 5x7 studies in which I tried to capture a different mood of the scene....a moody gray day, sunset with the marsh grasses illuminated by the setting sun, and twilight when the sky was pink and color was gone from the marsh. I also showed them a sunrise view that I posted here a few days ago. I wonder what they will decide? What is your choice? The painting they chose is the image at the top of this page. It is a 16x20 pastel on board.

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