is a line-of-sight from a specific location to a landscape or portion of it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

About Painting Special Places

We all have our favorite landscapes, special places that speak to us and give us pleasure. Perhaps it is an often visited vacation spot, or a place that evokes fond memories. Maybe it is the landscape of a once in a lifetime trip with memories just as vivid as the day you were there. For many of us our favorite landscape is right in our own is the view from our own porch or deck or dock that gives us the most comfort.
We probably all have photos of our favorite landscapes but sometimes photos don't do our special place justice. Everyday snapshots can't always capture the emotions of a place. My goal as a landscape painter is to create a painting that evokes the emotions I felt when viewing that landscape. I feel I am successful when my paintings to speak to the viewer and creates a desire to want to visit the place in my painting. I enjoy painting my own favorite viewscapes but also the personal favorites of others. I have had the opportunity to paint the views from many beautiful areas of our country and wish to capture many more personal viewscapes.
This blog is my portfolio of special landscapes that I have painted. Be sure to click on the links at the right to see more paintings. I welcome commissions to paint your personal favorite landscapes.

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